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New clients Request FoRM

To request a Somatic Reset appointment, please fill out the short form below. Samantha will reach out within 48 hours to set up your first appointment. Please see location and detailed pricing below.

Why are you interested in Somatic Reset?
Do you have any current major physical conditions I should know about beforehand (i.e., major illness, injury, chronic pain)?
Do you regularly engage in any other wellness techniques (i.e., tai chi, acupuncture, yoga, breathwork, etc.)?
Which package are you interested in (see details below)?
Which location do you prefer (see details below)?

Thanks for submitting!

Somatic Reset Pricing

Please note: Healing is not linear, and in particular somatic healing takes time. Patience, self-compassion, and a willingness to put in the effort to see change is absolutely required in order to see results. It is my recommendation for most individuals to try at least 5-sessions for five weeks (one per week) when you first begin. After that, we can discuss in detail how often you might need ongoing support. 


1-session: $100

  • Only recommended for individuals who have already done 5 or more sessions


3-session package: $270 

  • 10% discount

  • Recommended for individuals who are already working with another holistic practitioner

5-session package: $425

  • 15% discount

  • Recommended for all new clients, especially those who are already seeing a therapist or psychologist

10-session package: $800

  • 20% discount

  • Recommended for clients seeking intensive support and are struggling to function in day-to-day life


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