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Is Somatic Reset like a yoga class? Somatic Reset is a 1-on-1 session, and yoga classes typically have 5 or more people in them. Somatic Reset sessions are facilitated by a Yoga Therapist with 600+ hours of training, and are based on the unique needs and goals of the client. Yoga classes are instructed by a Yoga Teacher/instructor with 200 hours of training, and movements and postures are chosen based on the instructors choice.

Is Somatic Reset therapy? No, Somatic Reset sessions are not psychotherapy, and Samantha is not a licensed mental health practitioner. Somatic Reset can be beneficial for those seeking support with mental health, and often works beautifully when complementing a client's work with a psychotherapist/psychologist. 

What is a Somatic Reset session like? Sessions are highly unique to the individual, as well as based on what you feel in your mind and body that day. Each session looks a bit different! A typical a session begins with guided movement to direct you to focus on your experience, and moves into adaptable yoga postures. Focus on the breath is weaved throughout, and typically a short meditation is offered towards the end. Throughout each session, there is on-going dialogue. I will often ask you "what's happening now?". You are always welcome to share any aspect of your experience but I will always help you link yourself back into your body, whether through describing sensations or simply experiencing what you feel. Furthermore, we will explore discomfort and your relationship to it. Often, especially for those with panic, anxiety and post-traumatic stress, bodily sensations are uncomfortable. In order to heal, you can learn how to safely and comfortably feel those sensations.

What is Somatics? To understand somatics, it's best to practice it. Somatics is hard to put into words, because it is an experience you feel in your body. In some ways, somatics is the connection of the mind and the body. But to say we have a mind and a body is to acknowledge the mind and body as two separate entities. Somatics acknowledges that the mind and the body actually aren't separate. 

Why should I try Somatic Reset? Do traditional psychology methods "not work"? Have you struggled with anxiety, panic, post-traumatic stress, or chronic pain for years without much improvement? Are you looking to learn and grow as a human being? Are you seeking a new way to live in the world, and ready for change? Somatic Reset is for anyone and everyone who is open to trying it!

Do I have to practice yoga to try Somatic Reset? Not even a little! There is zero requirement to be able to "do yoga" (whatever that means anyways)! All you need is a willingness to connect with your body and a desire to heal.

Do you teach yoga classes? I started teaching yoga classes ten years ago after getting my 200-hr certification. I do offer private group classes by-request, but do not currently teach any public classes. I personally have found that 1-on-1 sessions are much more rewarding for both myself and my clients. 

What is your connection with the military? I have several veteran and active duty family members, and in particular one family member who deployed to Afghanistan and upon return was diagnosed with PTSD and suicidal ideation. At that time, I was exploring yoga as a method to heal my own childhood trauma, and I began to connect with the yoga military community to help support my family member. Since then, I have found the military yoga community to be a welcoming and compassionate community and I thoroughly enjoy serving the amazing individuals who have served our country.

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