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Somatic reset

1-on-1 session accessing human resilience  

  • Movement

  • Yoga postures

  • Meditation

  • Breathing

  • Dialogue 

  • Exploration of discomfort

Build neuroresilience through sessions designed to help you grow and learn more about yourself. Building on somatics, yoga therapy, yoga philosophy, and mindfulness, Somatic Reset can also support you with trauma, anxiety, chronic pain, injuries, depression, among many other conditions. 

This work can also be supportive for you if:

  • you are feeling stuck in life

  • you need support managing stress, anxiety, traumatic stress, panic or depression

  • you feel disconnected from yourself and from others

  • you are living with chronic pain or chronic illness

  • you are looking to heal unresolved trauma

  • you are in or have tried talk therapy but looking for a body-based approach to healing

It is highly recommended to commit to five or more sessions. This work takes time and requires dedication and patience. Being gentle and compassionate to yourself is crucial, this work is not a quick fix!



"I wanted to share how much this work did for me. Simple things like eat when I am hungry, stop eating when I am full. Go to sleep when I am tired and wake up when it's enough. I started to notice when I am dissociating and what's happening and do some groundwork. It's totally changed the way I see myself and my body. I didn't even know before I had a body and it's needs. Thank you for your work, it changed so much for me. And the people around me!"

"Thankful it was less complicated than I imagined it would be".

"I had therapy (cognitive behavioral) for three years and it was helpful of course. But after somatic work it absolutely changed everything. The first session we had and I felt - it was absolutely powerful. Thank you. My body is seen and it's so so so enough." 

"I appreciate the 'therapy' part of Yoga Therapy. I often have a lot of emotions to unpack and it was nice to do that and understand their connection to my body".

"I loved it. I feel more calm, more centered, and at peace. It's really helpful".

"Sam has an amazing demeanor. She made me feel so comfortable despite an unfamiliar task. She also seems really knowledgeable".

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